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Feature magazine articles

:: Genii Magazine (Cover Story)

"The unfolding drama of his award winning act gives us a playful metaphorical peek into
a virtual world".

:: Magic Magazine

"With Tony's act we may be glimpsing the future of magic."

:: Video Magazine

"Reach out and touch someone: Tony Chapek and his alter ego break the video barrier
in the magician’s innovative stage act".

:: The Linking Ring Magazine

"To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time these effects have been done with a
solid television screen… and done so well!"

:: MUM Magazine

"Of all the tricks we have printed this year, Tony Chapek's 'Really downside up George'
has stirred up the most attention."

:: Magicseen (Europes #1 Magazine)

"Those of us that saw Tony's performance earlier this year, are still talking about it,
it really is that good!"

Feature newspaper articles

:: Wall Street Journal

"Georgia magician Tony Chapek produced a playing card from a TV screen, (try that one
in your living room)."

:: Atlanta Journal & Constitution

"Tony Chapek is drawing raves and gaining national exposure for his innovative comedy

:: Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Unlike trick, this magician’s success is no illusion"

:: Gwinnett Daily News

"Unlike trick, this magician’s success is no illusion"

:: Marietta Daily Journal

"Magician Tony Chapek stumps crowd at Hilton"

:: Gwinnett Daily Post

"Tony Chapek, guru of high tech wizardry! His act is all about magic, comedy, creativity
and precise timing."

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