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A totally new experience in magic, technology and humor!

Tony Chapek's Interactive Media Magic! This fascinating and comical live presentation combines traditional sleight-of-hand magic with state-of-the-art video technology to create an unforgettable experience for any audience.

Combined with a full script of comedy dialogue, this has proven to be one of the most captivating and entertaining performances imaginable!

Tony interacts both verbally and physically with his video "alter ego" on a high-definition television monitor. Solid objects are transformed into video images as they visually penetrate the screen. Tony reaches his hand into the actual television to answer a ringing phone (see photos).

A one-minute segment is reenacted in "high-speed reverse" during a mind- boggling sequence. And so much more!

These powerful visual techniques were invented and perfected by Tony Chapek. No one else in the entertainment industry is even attempting anything like this!

Here's the best part! This incredible performance can be customized to revolve around your company’s product or service. There is plenty of comedy, but a serious point can be made when needed. Any objects that relate to your business can be magically passed through the screen, handed into or tossed out of the television set!

The commercial applications are endless: corporate events, business meetings, trade shows, television appearances variety shows, conventions, seminars, banquets...anywhere captivating and comical entertainment is needed.

If you want to get their attention, get your point across and entertain them all at once, there isn't anything in the business that can top Tony Chapek's "Interactive Media Magic"!



Tony Chapek's entertaining and inspiring one hour keynote program that will transform your organization!

In this challenging world of nonstop evolution, the people and businesses that fail to innovate will be left behind. While those that embrace innovation as a way of life, will be transformed!

Using an engaging blend of information, entertainment, technology and humor, Tony will take your group on a journey that will open their eyes to the amazing power of innovation. You'll begin to Think UP! There are Unlimited Possibilities for innovation in your work and life. You will learn Undeniable Principles of innovation that you can use immediately. Put it all into action and you will see Unbelievable Profits, not just financially, but in every aspect of your work and life!

Every member of your team will walk away inspired, motivated and equipped to put their newly discovered innovative skills into action.

Tony will start with his captivating and inspiring personal story of "ordinary guy" to "world champion performer". You will experience the wonder of his international award winning "Interactive Media Magic" that has been described as "The ultimate display of innovation".

He'll reveal to your group the importance of being innovative in order to become more effective. Then he'll share a powerful four step innovation formula that they can put into action the minute they leave the room.
Using examples, hands on exercises, and audience participation, (all coupled with entertainment), Tony will teach "The four roles of the innovator":

Originator  •  Investigator  •  Generator  • Activator

When the four roles are assembled into the "circle of innovation", the possibilities are endless!

Bring the transformational message of innovation to your next meeting or convention. Take your organization to the next level and beyond, with Tony Chapek's "Operation Innovation"!

corporate entertainment Tony reaches his arm "into" the TV set to take the phone from his alter ego, "TV Tony".
corporate humorist While Tony talks on the phone, TV Tony prepares to cut the cord with scissors.
innovation speaker With precision timing, the severed cord springs out of the television set! 
technology humorist "Tony Chapek will take your group on a journey that will open their eyes to the amazing power of innovation!"
innovation humorist "Tony will share his methods of innovation using an engaging blend of information, entertainment, technology and humor."
corporate entertainer "Take you next event to a new level with Tony Chapek's Operation Innovation!"