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Tony’s 60 minute Live Experience is where technology and reality magically converge!

Make your next EVENT or MEETING unforgettable.

Let Tony take your group on an inspiring, high-tech magical journey unlike anything they have ever imagined. The Digital Reality Experience is a fascinating and comical live presentation that will captivate your audience.. Tony’s international award-winning presentation has been described as the “ultimate display of innovation”.

You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Combining traditional sleight-of-hand magic with state-of-the-art technology,
Tony has created one of the most captivating and entertaining performances imaginable.

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Reaching through a video screen


video thumbnail

The pause button comes to life


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A light-hearted look at technology

Tony engages your audience in hilarious group activities that will
“exercise their imaginations” and allow them to interact with the technology.

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Exercising imaginations


video thumbnail

Audience interacts with technology


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What's in your pocket?


Customized to fit the theme of your event

This engaging and inspiring blend of information, entertainment, technology and humor
can be customized to present your company’s unique message.

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Customized presentations


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Creativity tools


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Problem solving


Bring them to their feet

Afer 60 minutes of audience interaction, laughter and amazement,
Tony will bring the program to a jaw-dropping and memorable conclusion.

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Jaw Dropping Conclusion


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6 Minute Performance


Your team will be entertained.

Every member of audience will not only be entertained but will walk away inspired and motivated.

Take your event to the next level, and beyond, with Tony Chapek’s Digital Reality Experience!